3PLG’s IT infrastructure is based upon one simple goal: to achieve maximum throughput and efficiency while maintaining a high level of security. We maintain a real-time complete protection and redundancy solution for client data. At 3PLG we are not just warehousing your products, we are also warehousing your data.


3PLG provides visibility into its warehouse management system via a real time Client Dashboard. Each client is given a secure sign on and password to gain access to their own Warehouse and respective inventory on the Dashboard. Detailed Inventory, Shipping and tracking information, Receiving, Customer Order Reports can be easily accessed, reviewed and printed as frequently as needed. The client can set permissions as to specific team members receiving different reports and viewing.


EDI solutions and options are integrable and available across all channels. In its history, 3PLG has successfully prepared and shipped thousands of orders for most major trading partners. Each trading partner requires specific transactions/notifications – i.e. Acknowledgements, Purchase Orders, Advanced Ship Notifications ASN, Invoicing .

Each brand has its’ own requirements in terms of technology, currently utilized EDI methods, costs and relationships; future set up costs and monthly charges, etc. 3PLG is flexible and supports its’ clients accordingly.


3PLG’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a robust, RF-based real time WMS that manages inventory from the receipt of goods process through to the shipping process. The WMS controls all warehouse activity through scanning. Tracking every item’s lifecycle, recording every carton’s content for item numbers, quantities, weights, shipping costs, and tracking numbers.Our WMS provides lot and/or batch code tracking should the brand require it. Item inventory levels can be managed globally and/or by different locations allowing for both website live feed inventory levels and retail stock and replenishment locations. Order accountability, tracking, and user productivity is also captured. 3PLG’s WMS interfaces with most order management systems and file formats. Once orders are picked and packed through the WMS, they are processed through 3PLG’s integrated carrier management solution. This software manages and accommodates all shipping methods inclusive of small parcel and truck orders – UPS, Fedex, DHL, Post, LTL. All shipping and tracking information is available in real time on our Client Dashboard. The frequency, level of detail, and types of reporting are fully customizable.