With the rapidly changing retail landscape, it is crucial for brands to stay ahead of the curve. 3rd Party Logistics Group’s expertise in beauty for Retail, E-Commerce, V-Commerce and Wholesale Channels provides a streamlined distribution solution. Each of these channels presents its’ own unique set of vendor compliances and shipping and routing instructions that must be adhered to. The pack out specifications, label requirements, order preparations and routing/shipping requirements can be quite different from channel to channel. 3PLG is well-versed in successfully executing the Omni-Channel model.

 Past and Present B2B companies we have shipped include most major beauty Retailers, E-tailers, Wholesale, U.S. & International Distributors to 21 countries, Drug Chains, (both EDI and Non-EDI)


Any brand loves and needs positive recognition! At any time, a surprise or planned endorsement or mention via the Social Media or Media Channels, showcases on Television shows or Magazine pieces can result in several thousand orders being placed. 3PLG has successfully managed and executed these initiatives including: Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, many popular magazines, many press and photoshoot preparations.


3rd Party Logistics Group’s Kitting Solutions include: preparations of monthly subscription, influencer, blogger and vlogger boxes; gift sets and holiday sets; new product launch assembly preparations, television home shopping channels’ on-air, TSV, or .com orders; assembling/boxing stock into finished goods for retail, retail product ticketing, tester stock, flash sale kits, BOGO’s (buy one get one free) packs, product rework, and gift wrapping.

3PLG’s thoroughly trained Kitting Team members always provide the “white glove treatment” at our pristine facility. A perpetual Quality Control protocol is in place throughout the entire kitting process. The real time Warehouse Management System tracks the movements of all items. 3PLG maintains detailed Bills of Material (BOM’S) for each client. The work orders are picked, double checked for accuracy and staged in the Kitting facility, assembled and received into inventory as Finished Good Items. The client dashboard provides real-time visibility and inventory accuracy for a clear audit trail from subassembly items through to finished goods.

Many of these kits and gift sets are seen regularly on shelves in leading brick and mortar stores, online with major e-tailers, and on television home shopping channels.

As testimony to our craft, 3PLG continuously receives compliments from not only our Clients but also their customer base of Buyers, Store Managers, Web Masters, and Consumers.


3PLG is adept with E-commerce Order preparations. Every brand wants to provide an amazing customer experience to gain brand loyalty and repeat sales. We pride ourselves in assisting our customers in achieving that goal. We pick and pack out each order accurately, expeditiously, carefully, and consistently to the brand’s protocol. Our team envisions what the customer’s experience will be when they receive their order. We have prepared thousands of customized web orders according to each brand’s specifications. 3PLG prides itself in assisting our clients in providing a consistent message to their customers.

3rd Party Logistics Group offers a variety of different methods to receive client’s E-Com orders. Every brand has its own budget and set of technological capabilities. 3PLG can work within those parameters to make it as simple or as sophisticated as requested. We integrate with many web stores including Shopify, Woo Commerce, Volusion, and Magento.


The flash sale model presents its own challenges as does any other channel. 3PLG has prepared many orders for Haute Look, and


These preparations are very specific each with its own stringent requirements for testing, on-air and .com distribution. 3rd Party Logistics Group in collaboration with its clients has proactively participated in trainings and seminars to stay current with requirements. For many years now, we have successfully kitted, labeled, packed and shipped many Purchase Orders according to specifications for HSN, HSC, TSC, and QVC.

The Ultimate compliment over the years is when many of the above partners recommend our services to beauty brands in need!


There is a full menu of services available. This provides each brand with the option of tailoring their support needs. A Customer Service Specialist dedicated to your account will be in constant communication to your brand. Many clients opt to employ this service as it is an enhancement to the brand and its’ customers. Through product education and reinforcement training our Customer Service Specialists act as a direct extension of your team. Your brand always has a dedicated person and a backup team so that there is no gap in service level.

Optional administrative tasks include:  Order Entry, Keying in of EDI transactions for Web-based solutions, TMS portal entry and coordinating transportation arrangements for pick-ups, Telephone Inquiries, Maintaining organized filing system for tracking Bills of Lading, etc., Bill of Materials Management & Maintenance for Kit / Product Assembly.

3PLG’s team approach ensures that every Customer Service Specialist is fully equipped to handle the many different situations and challenges that arise daily. We invite and encourage regular meetings and conference calls with our Clients. This keeps our Client Services Team crisp and sharp on any new production information, items, changes, etc. A properly handled customer inquiry or complaint results in a positive experience in the eyes of the customer and can often become another sale or satisfactory Customer Experience.