3rd Party Logistics Group brings its’ 35+ year warehousing/fulfillment expertise and 15+ year exclusive focus on beauty brands to the table. This dynamic sets us apart from other 3PL’s. Our partnering philosophy is to provide the highest caliber client experience to help facilitate a brand’s growth and continued success.  3PLG recognizes the critical role it plays in the overall supply chain process.

 Historically, our people and business relationships are solid. 3rd Party Logistic Group’s team members have been part of our 3PLG family for 7+ years.  Our 10+ year average client retention rate is a reflection of 3PLG’s business practices and ethics.  The majority of our vendors and suppliers have been partnering with us since 2002.  3PLG continually strives to surpass client’s expectations and increase its’ operational performance levels.  Choosing the right partner is as equally important to 3PLG as it is for a Brand.

 Major achievements include:  successfully handling thousands of SKU’s with inventory variances consistently less than one-tenth of one percent; average order accuracy rates of 99.8%; EDI Trading Partners’ scorecards weighing in at an average of 99.7 % overall performance rate; and turning newly received stock for successful product launches within extremely tight windows and nearly impossible time frames.

 3PLG successfully and rapidly embraces and adapts to changes in technology, warehousing and beauty industry standards, vendor compliances for Omni-Channel distribution, packaging postponement strategies, TMS implementations, EDI platform changes, storefront integrations, brand trends, continuous team education and development.  Our expertise as beauty fulfillment specialists allows us to manage an efficient flow and balance of orders between the E-Commerce, Retail, V-Commerce,  E-Tail and Wholesale channels on behalf of our clients.