Brands at 3PLG include
Pink Sugar
Mama Mio
Canali Men
Alison Raffaele Cosmetics
Our Services
Full Service Distribution.
Wholesale/Retail Distribution
Pick and pack.
Kit Assembly.
E-commerce/Website Fulfillment.
Packaging and Re-packaging.
EDI Services.
Bar Coding.
Returns Processing.
EDI Retail Partners Include:
Saks Fifth Avenue
The Bay
J.C. Penney
Non-EDI Partners Include:
Destination Maternity
Duane Reade
Lotus Light
Smaller Chains/Stores
Web Orders to Consumer
Corporate Overview:

3rd Party Logistics Group, Inc. (3PLG) is an upscale third party warehousing partner offering premium distribution and kitting solutions exclusively satisfying the Beauty Industry and its’ luxury brands. Our warehousing and technological expertise coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of high-end fragrances, skincare, cosmetics, bath/body allows us to resolve the many logistical challenges facing clients today.

Mission Statement

Our commitment is to perform a quality, consistent, cost-effective service, while providing premier customer care tailored to meet the unique fulfillment requirements for each client.

Why Choose Us?

By effectively managing this critical function in the supply chain process, our clients reap the benefits of: enjoying significant cost savings and the opportunity to focus on their core competencies. 3PLG’s warehousing partnership approach contributes to the success and growth of each of our clients by operating as a direct extension of them. Our reputation is built upon professionalism, trust, accuracy, and timeliness.

We are a reliable, consistent, “one-stop shopping” source for services including: pick/pack, wholesale/retail distribution, e-commerce/website fulfillment, inventory management, kitting/gift set making/shrink wrapping, retail stock and tester assembly, price ticketing, etc.

3PLG’s understanding of and ability to move client’s product more efficiently and expeditiously to their end-user or trading partner provides the client optimum time to focus on other aspects of their business.

In today’s marketplace, 3PLG confidently demonstrates the skills and strategies necessary to successfully execute a New Brand Launch, Re-Branding Launches, preparation of international shipments, expeditiously and accurately scanning/picking and packing orders from web orders to big box retail order preparation, and methodically tracking the life of each item in your inventory from the time it arrives at our warehouse.

We pride ourselves on being your Eco-Friendly Warehousing Partner !

In keeping with the evolution of warehouse outsourcing, 3PLG recognizes the importance of progression. We pride ourselves on our ability to be on the cutting-edge with our innovative and proactive warehouse management practices and procedures; advanced technology including: RF warehouse inventory management system and in-house EDI system; excellent customer support and assistance; knowledgeable, reliable warehousing staff; state-of-the-art equipment; secure, conveniently located, and immaculate facility.

Are you looking for a true warehousing partner
that will treat your product with respect,
as though it were their own?

3rd Party Logistics Group, Inc. offers…
Exceptional 3rd Party Warehousing/Distribution
For Your Exceptional Brand !

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